A tiny version of my sona.

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Here's some rabbitholes to fall down! Have fun!

Note: Some sites contain sensitive or flashing/eyestrain content, so be careful if this is a concern for you.

⛧ Wikis, Catalogues and Guides! ⛧

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  • Autistic as Fxxk
    A site built by and for autistic people, complete with a manifesto against neuronormativity! They also featured Pearl!

  • Does The Dog Die? (CW for discussions of animal death as well as various triggers)
    Similar to Unconsenting Media (see below), this is a crowdsourced database of various triggers in media, including yes, whether or not that dog will be okay.

  • Encyclopedia Metallum
    Love metal music? Come look at this classic metal archive right here, featuring everything from classic metal to gothic metal to death metal.

  • FEMICOM Museum
    Hybrid digital/physical museum dedicated to 20th century girl games and electronic toys.

  • Goblin Tools
    A set of tools that help you break down tasks into smaller, simpler ones, judge text by its tone, conjure up recipes for what's in your fridge and more! Great if you have ADHD and autism in my experience.

  • Internet Archive
    The good ol' Internet Archive! For those unaware, you can look at old archived versions of sites as well as read archived books, watch archived videos, listen to archived audio and even snatch up old abandonware games!

  • Killed By Google
    A list of all the old services, apps and products that Google had at one point, then immediately killed.

  • Lost Media Wiki (CW: Some articles are listed as NSFW/NSFL, and can contain content that is disturbing/scary in general. Browse carefully.)
    A big ass wiki full of media that's been lost and sometimes found.

  • Mr Gone's Character Sheets
    A big ol' collection of character sheets for the World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness gamelines, along with a few others. Contains everything from old editions to homebrewed sheets to getting to make your own Samuel Haight! (If you're like, some evil Infernalist Diablerist Wyrmspawn who uhhhh takes lunch money from Changelings)

  • The Old Robots
    A site full of old robots!

  • Project Gutenberg
    A provider of free e-books that have been around since 1971!

  • The Cutting Room Floor
    CW: While its just about games, depending on the game, some of the content found can be scary or contain flashing lights.
    A big ol' wiki full of cut content from all sorts of video games.

  • The Toy Pool
    Database of toys, namely girly fashion dolls made today. They also have sister sites, listed here!

  • Unconsenting Media (CW for SA mention and discussion)
    A database of SA in shows, books and movies, and exactly to what extent it's depicted in said media.

  • W3Schools
    AKA, the only reason I was able to put anything on this site. This site is all about coding tutorials and even has snippets you can uh, borrow straight away and copypaste to your own site!

  • Winamp Skin Museum
    Winamp skins found all across the web!

  • The VG Resource
    Its got ripped sprites, textures, models and sound effects on each of the subsites!

  • Yume Wiki
    A MediaFire wiki full of info about Yume Nikki and its fangames, such as Yume 2kki and .flow.

⛧ Tools! ⛧

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  • 98.css
    Faithfully recreate old UIs with CSS

  • Animal Photos Art References
    An interactive 3D skull and reference image database. Pose the skull around and you'll be able to find references of specific animals for that exact angle! Highly recommended for animal artists and furry freaks like me!

  • Background Archive (CW for flashing lights/eyestrain)
    An archive full of old web backgrounds.

  • Background Generator
    Generate a tacky old web style pattern bg!

  • Comparing Heights
    Compare up to six people's heights, in both the imperial and metric system.

  • Dither It!
    Automatically convert any full color image to a dithered one to reduce size, complete with a custom color palette. Also looks cool!

  • Dreamwidth
    A journal site from 2009 that's still up and going surprisingly strong. I recommend this site if you miss LiveJournal and would prefer a more text-heavy blog type site.

  • Every Noise At Once
    A big ol' map of genres that let you listen to samples of them and various bands, as well as find adjacent and even opposite genres. Warning: insanely addicting to autistic and ADHD brains, speaking from experience.

  • EZGif
    Edit gifs and lets you convert video to gif!

  • The Fat Strawberry
    Seamless tiling backgrounds, textures and even PhotoShop brushes!

  • Gifcities (Warning: Flashing lights and Potentially NSFW)
    Gifs ripped straight from archived Geocities pages. Snatch em up for your own site, or use them as reference for your own graphics to get that 90s-early 2000s vibes. Also, one time Pearl was looking for gifs during a phone call and saw a fisting gif, so she told me to warn y'all.

  • Glitter Graphics (Warning: Flashing lights/Eyestrain)
    A site full of glittery graphics, ranging from Myspace icons to blinkies to other 2000s-ass gif! If you love stuff from the 2000s, you'll dig this site.

  • Have I Been Pwned?
    Lets you check to see if your email is attached to any major data breaches.

  • Internet Bumper Stickers
    Want your site even more gloriously tacky? Smack one of these bad boys on it!

  • Just Delete Me
    Find out whether or not your site will just let you fucking delete your shit, and provides a direct link to do so.

  • Just The Recipe
    No more bullshit anime backstories, just the damn recipe you wanna make!

  • Mazeguy Smilies
    Custom smilies that are free to use!

  • Music Map
    Click around to find artists related to your favorite bands!

  • Neocities (CW for flashing/eyestrain images)
    Wondering how the heck I made and hosted this site? This! Neocities is a spiritual successor to the classic Geocities, letting you code sites by hand and gives you free hosting (and even better hosting for a very cheap subscription). You can also look at the sites other people have made! Be warned, while this site has done its best to minimize flashing/eyestrain imagery, many sites made with Neocities aren't so kind.

  • Pomofocus
    An online Pomodoro method timer that can help you stay focused on your work (and help you remember to take breaks if you get hyperfocused like I can get).

  • PicMix (Warning: Flashing lights/Eyestrain)
    A Blingee-like site where you can slap together glittery gifs and text as your inner sparkle goblin awakens.

  • SCM Music Player
    Generates a music player to put on your site that plays across all pages. Supports MP3, SoundCloub and YouTube! Oh and you can also put it on your Tumblr!

⛧ Fun Stuff! ⛧

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  • Adopt A Censor
    By now, you've probably seen those Panda Censors floating around. Well, here's where they came from! Their purpose is to act as age warnings. While the "Web-G/PG/PG-13/etc." format is forgotten, it is a cute decoration to add to your site and a more fun way to warn users.

  • Ahoy Lemon
    Free games you can play right now in your browser!

  • BlueMaxima's Flashpoint
    Tons of archived old flash games you can play right here! Finally, a way for me to relive those precious childhood memories of those Star Sue games kicking my ass.

  • The Death Generator
    Generate various video game screens with custom dialogue!

  • The Deep Sea
    Dive into the virtual seas to see fun facts about various marine life, particularly deep sea life.

  • End of the Internet
    The final page of the internet, ever.

    A site dedicated to frogs in all their glory, straight from 1995, complete with fun facts about them!

  • Goatlings
    An adorable Neopets-like game where you feed, play with, dress up and even battle with goats!

  • Into the Purple Abyss Archive
    An archived version of Into the Purple Abyss, a classic site that had all sorts of humorous stories about Barney taking over the world and being evil and shit.

  • Little Alchemy
    A game about combining elements to create new ones.
  • Monster Breeder
    A browser game where you catch, breed and sell monsters, made by none other than NEIL FUCKING CICIERGA.

  • My Noise
    Choose from a variety of ambient sound generators, from autumnal walks to medieval libraries. And more!

  • My Retro TVs
    Go back in time and grab your remote to watch some old school TV! Includes:

  • The Old Purple
    It's purple.

  • Powder
    It's Powder! A game about chemistry, physics and exploding things with powdery goodness!

  • Purrli
    Kitty purring! Yippee!

  • Sandspiel Club
    Very similar to Powder, but with a few twists of its own.

  • The World Wide Web Project
    The world's very first website, launched on August 6th, 1991!

  • Werewolf News
    Source for all your werewolf news!

  • The World's Tallest Virtual Building!
    An insanely LONG virtual skyscraper to view. No longer rentable but it looks super cool!

  • WebGL Water
    It's water!

  • Zalgo Text Generator
    Summon an eldritch abomination's text corruption with this simple generator!