A tiny version of my sona.

⛧ Meet the Creature! ⛧

⛧ 2000 | He/They | AuDHD | OCD ⛧

An illustration of my hellhound sona posing happily and all creature-like on their hindlegs. They're wearing black lipstick, a dark purple corset, black leather pants, a fishnet sleeve on one arm and a stripy armwarmer on the other. I'm an artist dog-wolf-doll-vampire(???) THANG that loves to draw and scream at unpredictable moments. I make a comic, its called Pink Panties, go read it!

I am aromantic bi-aceflux and I am in a queerplatonic relationship with Pearlnight since 2020. I'm also otherkin! I am wolfkin, dogkin, catkin, vampirekin, werewolfkin and dollkin.

  • Likes: Canines, felines, animal stuff, monsters, alternative fashion and culture, plushies, sweets, rain.

  • Dislikes: Bigotry, ddlgers, pickles, anthropocentrism, minimalism, capitalism.

  • Location: The Uncanny Valley


  • Animals: Dogs, Cats and Wolves.
  • Colors: Black, Purple and Pink.
  • Drink: Fruity Sodas, Fruit Punch and Sweet Tea
  • Food: Fried Chicken, Steak, Chocolate, Spicy Noodles
  • Music: Goth Rock, Industrial, Darkwave, New Wave, Electropop, Hyperpop, Breakcore and Techno


  • Pokemon (Especially PMD, tho my interest kinda drops off a bit after gen 5)
  • Dog breeds (Favorite is Spitz-type dogs!!)
  • Paleanthropology
  • Psychology
  • Criminology
  • Plushes
  • Dolls (namely Monster High and similar dolls, and BJDs)
  • Vampire: The Masquerade and the World of Darkness as a whole
  • TTRPGs in general (Never actually played one tho)
  • Diseases
  • Horror games
  • Goth culture and fashion
  • Speculative Biology
  • Medical horror
  • Lolita fashion
  • Baking!! food yum

⛧ Fun Facts About Me!! Wow!! ⛧

  • I own two dogs and four cats. I have a chow/golden lab mix named Nashy and a G-shep mix named Brownie. My cats are a calico, (Jason) two torties (Felix and Spooky) and a tuxie (Sheena)! (Page about them coming soon!)

  • I have been drawing for as long as I can remember and have been active online across various handles, all the way back on DeviantART when I was 11.

  • I am an avid plush collector, namely dog, wolf and cat plushes. I also collect fashion dolls like Monster High and I hope to start getting BJDs one day (tho I'm holding off until I'm more experienced with faceups and the like).

  • I used to customize dolls, but I no longer have the space to. :C I'll letcha know when I can do it again!

  • My favorite weather is rain! It hydrate me and make the good noise.

  • My favorite season is autumn! So pleasant, and without tripping up my allergies.

  • I live in a forest but thought I lived in a suburban part of town for some reason??

  • I like my steak rare and I will go feral for any meat off the bone. RARRGHRHRHARHGH

  • My favorite flavors are anything sweet, savory or spicy. I had spicy chocolate once and every now and then, I crave it. On the flipside, I can't stand anything sour or too vinegary, blech!

  • I stim primarily by tapping my foot, slapping the desk/clawing at it/pawing?? like a weird making biscuits thing, and by yelling out various memes and quotes related to special interests. I also stim by making my plushies move their arms/front paws back and forth.

  • My favorite sensations are fur, real or fake. I want to be covered in it for hours. So soft!!

  • I love lace but it's itchy on my bare skin. RIP.

⛧ My Sona ⛧

My sona doesn't have a name yet, but they're a Hellhound! He's in between man and creature, able to walk both on all fours as a feral and upright as an anthro with digitigrade legs.


  • While you can draw them nekkidz, you can also draw them wearing clothes! Their main styles are 90s-early 00s type goth clothes in black, pink and purple. When in doubt, classic Monster High doll. Or girlboss version of a DeviantART OC.
  • You can also draw them dressed up as player characters from their favorite games (i.e. Male Malkavian from VtMB, Hilda from Pokemon B/W, Ness from Earthbound, etc.)!
  • Hair is NOT optional, even as a feral, and cannot be cut. You can style it as long loose and long, or as pigtails because those are objectively the best hairstyle.
  • You're also free to draw their other forms!

⛧ My History ⛧

My story online begins when I was a child on the 2000s internet, clicking around from site to site in search of fun games, stumbling into old sites along the way. I always thought websites were super cool, but didn't know how to make one. When I was 11, I made my first DeviantART account and disovered the custom boxes widget, where from that point forward, it was flooded with crusty anime gifs and Pokemon sprites.

As I grew into the 2010s, I noticed less and less sites let you really express yourself, with many old ones taking away customization features while new ones would never add any (or they would be insanely limited if they did), and I felt less and less like I belonged online. Don't get me wrong, the internet was always hostile, but at least it seemed like I had a home. And then whoops, Eclipse hit and I've been wandering loosely since. Just trying to figure out what to do, where I belonged.

Until I found Neocities, and realized that this was my home.

Of course, it took a lot of trial-and-error to figure out what I wanted and even who I was, so this site wasn't always the best looking.

But now...This is my home. ♥

In an age where massive corporations just jam us all on the same four or so websites and expect us all to be happy with barren layouts and no janky anime gifs to plaster on permanently, all while being mocked for daring to want our own spaces where people like me actually belong, I've decided fuck that shit! I'm out!!

That and can you do this on Twitter?

I rest my case.