A tiny version of my sona.

A drawing of a hellhound laying on their stomach, wearing black pigtails, a pink sweater and stripy thigh-high socks. They look happy as their purple tongue sticks out.

Welcome to my humble little chamber! I hope you enjoy wandering this site, I made it myself! (With a premade layout but shhhhh!)

This is where you can find anything and everything I do, from my prized creations to less prized rambles and everything in between.

I'm also the sole author and artist for Pink Panties, my webcomic!

Also please don't step on the blorbos, even if some of them smell bad. They're sensitive you know!

⛧ News ⛧

10/4/2023: So, the site's getting yet another revamp, this time to be easier on the eyes, less flashy and more stylish. Oh, and I'm getting some accessibility features in, yay!!

6/30/2023: Guess what bad bitch got their tooth pulled! I've been recovering the past few days but now I'm slowly getting back to my creative stuff. Thank god this Tylenol hits like a bus lol. Anyways, I hope I can get something done now that I'm up!

5/1/2023: Earthbound has me by the balls, whoops! Looks like we got another hyperfixation, woo!

⛧ Featured Art ⛧

A limited color, cartoony illustration of a kitsune girl. She's pure white, has short black hair, red eye markings and pink eyes. She wears a black kimono with a floral pink and red pattern. She looks at the viewer to the side, offering them one half of a sakura daifuku mochi.

She wants to share with you. Maybe if you take it, you'll get to be in one of them kitsune weddings! :3

More art can be found here!


He's very ugly!!


Actually, he's my husband. :3

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Here's my site's newest button! Don't hotlink or I will shit your pants.

The RockCandy Neocities button.